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Winsor Mushroom Essence 百草靈芝精華 - 500 Capsules / 500粒

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膠囊劑,每粒 0.38 克。

百草靈芝精華 選用優質靈芝提取物和 Cov-1 雲芝菌株菌絲體提取物 (PSP) 配伍製成,不含添加劑。靈芝補氣安神,止咳平喘;PSP補益精氣,健脾養心。百草靈芝精華 集兩者之精華,益氣延年,養心安神,能調節免疫力,增強體質,抑制不良細胞生長。


50% 靈芝提取物,50% 雲芝菌絲體提取物 (PSP)。




成人用溫水送服,每晨 3 粒或遵醫囑。










Both are saprophyte mushrooms. Both belong to the same order (Polypores), sub-class (Basidiomycorina) & class (Hymenomycetes). They are traditional Chinese herbal supplement, non-toxic, superior valuable herbs; have the effect of benefiting the essence and vital energy of body, strengthening the tendons and bones, if consuming for a long time it can rejuvenate the body and extend lifespan

Suggested Use
Health Purpose - 3 capsules daily. 

Reishi is available in 500 capsules (380mg) bottles.

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Properties Winsor Mushroom Essence
Scientific Name Ganoderms lucidum
Latino Name Ganoderma lucidum (Leyss. er Fr.) Karst
Also Known as Mannentake, Mushroom of mortality, Mushroom of Spiritual Potency, Spirit plant
Classification Ganodermataceae (family), Ganoderma (genus)
Ecological Environment Grow singlely on the root near the base of broadleaf tree trunks
Shape: Stem Stem has lacquer-like luster
Cap: (texture) Spongy-corky
         (shape) Kidney shape
         (size) Larger, 4-12 x 3-20 cm
         (thickness) Thick, 5.0-20.0mm
Characteristics on Surface Smooth, covered with a lacquer-like reddish luster (the margin is yellow when young), has concentric steps and depressions on it
Tubule (Spore-bearing structure) Tubule opening changes from white to brown when approaching maturity
Spore Oval shape with one side flat, brown color 8.5-11.5 x 5.0-7.0痠, the spore has two membranes, the outer layer is smooth and colorless, the inner layer has projections


Temperate zone, subtropical zone

Main ingredient

Triterpenes, Ganodric acid, Lucidenic acid
Taste & Nature in TCM Classification Bitter in taste, warm in nature
Pharmacological Action Tonic and strengthen the body constitution, strengthen the brain, benefit the kidney. Relieve the symptoms like fatigues, dizziness, insomnia and shortness of breath, et

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