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Essence of Mushroom 雲芝精華 - 500 Capsules / 500粒

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膠囊劑,每粒 0.4 克。

雲芝精華 選用 Cov-1 雲芝菌株,提取其菌絲體內的結合蛋白多糖 – 雲芝糖肽 PSP,萃取率約為千分之一,堪稱千錘百煉。雲芝精華 固本培元,禦邪歸正,安全無毒,不含添加劑。I、II、III期臨床試驗及大量科學文獻證明,PSP 能增強體質,改善免疫力,減輕化療、電療所引起的不良反應,緩解疼痛,增進食慾,提高頑病人士的生活質素,有助康復。


100% 雲芝糖肽 (Coriolus Versicolor Polysaccharide Peptide, PSP)。 (國家藥品標準WS3-228(Z-047)-2003(Z))




成人用溫水送服,每日 3 次,每次 1 至 3 粒或遵醫囑。









Both are saprophyte mushrooms. Both belong to the same order (Polypores), sub-class (Basidiomycorina) & class (Hymenomycetes). They are traditional Chinese herbal supplement, non-toxic, superior valuable herbs; have the effect of benefiting the essence and vital energy of body, strengthening the tendons and bones, if consuming for a long time it can rejuvenate the body and extend lifespan

Suggested Use
Health Purpose - 3 capsules daily.
Cancer Patients - A larger dosage is recommended for 3 times a day.  Contact us if you need more detailed information

Yun-zhi is available in 500 capsules (400mg) bottles.

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Properties Essence of Mushroom
Scientific Name Coriolus versicolor or Trametes versicolor
Latino Name Trametes versicolor (Fr.) Phil. or Coriolus versicolor (Fr.) Quel or Polystictus versicolor (L.) Fr
Also Known as Boletus Versicolor, Coriolus, Kawaratake, Polyporus Versicolor, Krestin, Polysaccharid Petide, Polysaccharid-K, Turkey Tail, cloud mushroom
Classification Polypores (family), Trametes (genus)
Ecological Environment Grow on decayed log in a style of imbricate cluster
Shape: Stem Nil
Cap: (texture) Coriaceous in fresh form
         (shape) Flabelliform, with undulate margin, attached together laterally
         (size) Smaller, 3-8cm
         (thickness) Thin, 1.0-1.5mm
Characteristics on Surface Marked by concentric zones of various colors, velvety, with a silken sheen
Tubule (Spore-bearing structure) Tubule opening from the beginning near white color
Spore Cylinder shape, colorless and smooth

4.5-8.0 x 1.5-3.5痠



Main ingredient

Carpopbores: Coriolan Mycelium: Protein-bound Polysaccharide
Taste & Nature in TCM Classification Sweet & bland in taste
Pharmacological Action Enrich vital energy and essence of the body, invigorate spleen and nourish heart. Relieve the symptoms like malaise, poor appetite, nausea & vomiting, pain, etc. that caused by tumor or other disease. It can also regulate immunity function & upgrade life quality.

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