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Essence of Mushroom (Yun-zhi)

Where is Yun-zhi mushroom grown?

Yun-zhi mushroom is grown in green houses located in China, under strictly controlled humidity and temperature conditions, which are extremely costly to operate and maintain.

What does Yun-zhi contain?

Yun-zhi contains a protein bound polysaccharopeptide called PSP, that can only be extracted from the deep under layer of the mushroom harvested only at a certain time of each year.

Why is Yun-zhi so expensive?

Each capsule contains 100% of essence of Yun-zhi and the extraction process is very elaborate and costly. For every 1000 kg of Yun-zhi grown, only less than 1 kg is the final product put in capsules. This explains why Yun-zhi is such an expensive product.

Can Yun-zhi be taken by everybody?

Since Yun-zhi is a type of mushroom, it is herbal food and not medicinal. In general, anyone who can eat mushroom can take Yun-zhi.

When should Yun-zhi be taken?

Yun-zhi can be taken before or after meals (preferably not with an empty stomach).

How long has Yun-zhi been on market?

Our Yun-zhi has been on the market since the 1980's. It is mainly sold in Hong Kong and recently marketed overseas.

Why is my stool dark brown after taking Yun-zhi?

Since the extract is dark brown in color and its concentration extremely high, patients may experience stool that is dark brown. Another reason is due to the detoxification and cleansing process of the body. There is no need to be concerned.

Can Yun-zhi be taken together with Western medicine?

Yes. Yun-zhi, being a natural herbal food, will not interact with doctor-prescribed medications. If in doubt, take Yun-zhi one to two hours before or after taking your regular medicine.


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