The Benefits of Essence of Mushroom 

Studies have shown Essence of Mushroom (Yun-zhi) to be effective in enhancing the immune system function and improving the overall quality of life.

Other beneficial effects of Essence of Mushroom

  • Alleviate the side effects of chemo- or radio-therapy. Promote vitality and stamina, inhibit pain and stimulate appetite.

  • Stablilize white blood cell count. White blood cells are the cells responsible for fighting infections and attacking tumor cells.

No Side Effects or Toxicity

Acute, chronic, genetic and reproductive toxicity tests have proven Essence of Mushroom (Yun-zhi) stimulate the immune function. There are no traces of heavy metals, residual solvents, or microbial toxins present in Essence of Mushroom (Yun-zhi).

The difference between Essence of Mushroom and Other Yunzhi Polysaccharides

Essence of Mushroom (Yun-zhi) is different from most other yunzhi polysaccharides because the polysaccharopeptide is extracted from the mycelia of the mushroom, where it is most plentiful, instead of the fruit body and is manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Over 80 strains of yunzhi mushroom were screened before the Cov-1 TM was selected for its immune enhancing qualities. Therefore, it is important when selecting a yunzhi product, to ensure that it comes from a reputable manufacturer with a strict adherence to quality control.


  1. Ingredients – Reishi essence of mushroom
  2. Indications – for healthy persons, it can enhance their bodies’ immune system for general health maintenance purpose
  1. Ingredients – Yunzhi essence of mushroom
  2. Indications – for those patients who are receiving or have received chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, it is known to alleviate the side effects of such treatments.
  3. For those cancer patients who cannot receive chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, it is known to enhance their immune system and could also improve the overall quality of life.



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